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Stamp Chop – Artwork Specification

Stamp Chop – Artwork Specification

Pre-Inked Stamp


  1. Shape: Rectangle, Model: PG 1443

    Plate Size (Dotted Line): 45.5mm x 16.5mm
    Artwork Size (Solid Line): 39.5mm x 10.5mm

  2. Shape: Round, Model: PGD 18

    Plate Size (Dotted Line): Diameter 20.5mm
    Artwork Size (Solid Line): Diameter 14.5mm

Rubber Stamp


  1. Shape: Rectangle, Model: RS 2045

    Plate Size (Dotted Line): 45mm x 20mm
    Artwork Size (Solid Line): 43mm x 18mm

  2. Shape: Round, Model: RSD 27

    Plate Size (Dotted Line): Diameter 27mm
    Artwork Size (Solid Line): Diameter 25mm

Artwork Guideline

  1. Keep your design within the Solid Line.
  2. DO NOT DELETE or MODIFY the Solid and Dotted Line when preparing artwork file.
    Actual Index Rubber Stamp outcome do not contain any guideline.

Artwork Precaution


  1. Prepare your artwork design in K100 (Black).
  2. You will only be required to select ink colour during ordering process. (for pre-inked stamp)


  1. Ensure your images DO NOT contain tints/gradient.
  2. Ensure your images are sharp. We recommend you to set your images to or above 300dpi.
  3. We strongly recommend you to REDRAW your scanned image/logo for a clearer and sharper stamp image.


  1. Minimum font size: 7 pts

  2. Minimum Chinese font size: 9 pts
  3. Reverse artwork is not allow. (for rubber stamp)

  4. Avoid to use bold fonts or Text which too close to each other such as Stamped images, it will smudge due to ink spread.
  5. Curve/Create Outline/Path to all fonts.

Artwork Precaution

Line and Dot

  1. Line thickness cannot less than 0.5 pts.
  2. Dot thickness cannot less than 0.4mm.
  3. Avoid to use Line and Dot which Gap less than 0.4mm as it may smudge due to ink spread.

Artwork Preparation

  1. Artwork must be a vector graphic, text, shape and JPEG (MUST above 300dpi)
  2. Ensure all the artwork is following to our setting. 
  3. Artwork color won’t be carry out in finished goods product, hence full black would be advise for your artwork. (for rubber stamp)
  4. Artwork is saved in latest format of Adobe Acrobat Document (.pdf)
  5. PDF file for rubber stamp & pre-inked stamp artwork must prepare as below:
    Example: Page 1 : Printable Artwork

Product Size Template

  1. Artwork is prepared in the correct product size template.
  2. DO NOT delete solid line and dotted line.
  3. Design is within safe zone (solid line).
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