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Mug – Artwork Specification

Mug – Artwork Specification

We strongly advise that all artwork is follow to the requirement below. For any artwork which not follow to the artwork requirement, we shall not be held responsible on it’s after-effect.


  • Artwork Size : 94mm x 225mm
  • Safe Zone : 84mm x 215mm (5mm from each edges)



  • Ensure all the image are in CMYK color mode and maximum total ink coverage must not more than 240%. (Too much ink coverage may caused text or image look blurred and affect overall color outcome)
  • Ensure resolution of all images are set to 300dpi or above.


  • Normal Font Size: Minimum 8 pts
  • Reverse Font Size: Minimum 12 pts


  • Normal Line Thickness: Minimum 0.5 pts
  • Reverse Line Thickness: Minimum 1 pts


  • Normal Dot Thickness: Minimum 1.5 pts
  • Reverse Dot Thickness: Minimum 2.5 pts
  • Gap Between Line and Dot: Minimum 1.5pts

    In order to have clear outcome, internal gap (hole inside) of wording or any artworks recommend more than 2.5points (0.88mm) and measure using circle


  • Do not apply any crop mark and trapping to your files, including box or bleeding marking or margin marking.

Important Notes for 4C Printing:

Printing on MUG in general is significantly different than printing on paper. It is using heat to transfer the artwork on the material. The print output couldn’t exactly same as the artwork you have submitted through online due to heat transfer technology, the product outcome will be slightly grainy, darker or lighter and the resolution couldn’t 100% clear as the screen preview. While lighter shades outcome might appear lighter or less visible compare to screen artwork.


  • Artwork is saved in required file latest format of Adobe Acrobat version xxx (.pdf).
  • Resolution 300dpi and color mode CMYK.
  • PDF files must prepare for artwork according types of product.
  • Page Arrangement for White Printing MUG 11oz in ONE PDF file
  • Page 1: Outer

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