All orders can only be made through our website.

In general, the answer is no. This is because we are doing gang-run printing. All orders of the same specifications are printed together. However, if you are intending to order in bigger quantity such as 100,000 pcs or amount more than RM5,000, please contact us.

Take for example, if you want to print 330 pcs of business card BUT the quantity available is 300, 400, 500 in the price calculator, you should select 400 to print. 

So I wasted the 70pcs? In a sense yes. But do consider the fact that we print in batches of same quanitites in order achieve economic of scale. The price difference is really negligible. Also, we will not be providing a specific quotation for such situation.

No, we do not provide an official quotation if the item is readily available to order from our website.

If you have a promotion code, you may key in during check out. If the code is valid for your purchase, it will be reflected in the cart.

Yes, you can cancel order so long that the order status has not been updated to “print-in-process”. Please contact our consultant.

Note: When an order is successfully cancelled, the amount paid CAN ONLY be credited into your eWallet for your future purchase. There is no expiry to the credit in eWallet. 

4 Simple steps to place an order

Step 1

Select your options

Select your options from Price Calculator in the product page.

Step 2

Add to cart & check out

Once order is placed and payment made, you will receive an email with subject “Order XXXX has been received and pending approval

We will check your files and proceed to print if no issue. If we discover an issue, we will contact you via email / phone call.

Step 3

Proceed to print

When the file is ready, we will send it to production for print. You will receive an email with subject: “Order XXXX has been updated to PRINT-IN-PROCESS

* At this point, no further changes can be made to the order.

Step 4

Deliver to you

When your order is ready, you will receive an email with subject: “Order XXXXX is completed

We will arrange for  to send to you. Do note that it will take additional 2-5 working days (depending on your area) to reach you.

We believe that all customer should have peace of mind when it come to money transaction. As such, we highly recommend you to read through before commiting to an order with us.

  1. Terms & Conditions
  2. Satisfaction Policy
  3. Privacy Policy
  4. Refund Policy
  5. Acceptable Print Policy

Each set of selection is meant for same artwork design only (quanity cannot be splitted). For example, if you need to order 3 different designs, after selection, please add “3” quantity to cart.