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Creating Spot UV effect

Creating Spot UV effect

Spot UV involves a clear, shiny coating applied to specific areas of artwork to create an eye-catching contrast, making it a luxury choice for business cards. The “glossy” spot are Spot UV effect.

Example of Spot UV varnish

Spot UV effect

Step 1: Create 2 artboards

Spot UV Effect Artboard

Step 2: Save as our PDF preset ( 1 pdf file for each printing side)


  • Spot UV varnish can be apply to the edge BUT it is not recommendable because it may “peel”
  • Images The image to be Spot UV varnished can be a vector graphic, text, shape, solid colour or picture (need to trace out the Spot UV part for picture).
  • Vital elements (text, images, logo, etc) must be kept within the Safe Zone.
  • Fill the area/image to be Spot UV varnished with PROCESS BLACK (K=100).
  • No tint or gradient effect allowed.
  • Registration of image to be Spot UV varnished must be accurately aligned with the offset printing artwork.
  • Spot UV NOT applied to outlines or outlines of a table (Outlines may cause unattractive mis-registration more noticeable).
  • Spot UV NOT applied at gluing area
  • Font size is not less than 4pts (Based on Arial font type size)
  • Small logos which contain wording, the font is not less than 4pts (eg: ©).
  • Not using a font type with a sharp end edge (eg: Serif font).
  • Line thickness is not less than 0.5pts.

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