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Booklet (Hardcover Perfect Binding) – Artwork Specification

Booklet (Hardcover Perfect Binding) – Artwork Specification

PLEASE USE OUR PRODUCT SIZE TEMPLATE to you prepare your artwork. If you booklet has blank pages, leave the pages empty.


Outer Cover

Inner Paper

Inner Paper (Front)

Inner Paper (Back)

Content Pages


Spine Calculation


  1. Please take note that the text and picture should kept away 15mm from the book centre, to avoid the related content from getting ‘lost’ into the binding area.
  2. If the booklet pages number is in descending order (such as religious books, etc.) please inform our customer Experience Specialist Team (CES) via Feedback, email or phone call.
  3. Remove all template guidelines and descriptions before submitting your files.
  4. Avoid use borders in your design as it makes any uneven trimming more visible.
  5. Avoid cross-page design or placing any text or images, across two pages. Cross-page design will not line up perfectly. (Printboxer will not accept reject claims related to artwork not joining perfectly.)
  6. Avoid repeating wide areas of the same solid colours.
  7. Booklets with perfect binding open up only 160 degrees. Avoid the booklet open to 180 degrees.


During the ordering process, you must submit these set of files to us:


1. Outer Cover (Front & Back) (1 PDF file)
2. Inner Cover & paper (Front & Back) (1 PDF file)
3. Content pages info (1 PDF file)

File 2 : Inner paper front&back.pdf


File 3 : – contentabc.pdf

Page 1 – Content 1
Page 2 – Content 2
Page 3 – Content 3 and so on…
Page 43 – Content 43
Page 44 – Content 44

Physical Arrangement of artwork in Hardcover :

Example :

  1. Outer Cover Front
  2. Inner Paper 1
  3. Inner Paper 2
  4. Inner Paper 3
  5. Content 1
  6. Content 2 
  7. …………. 
  8. Content 48
  9. Inner Paper Back 3 
  10. Inner Paper Back 2
  11. Inner Paper Back 1
  12. Outer Cover Back

To avoid error, extra cost and delay, we have prepared a comprehensive checklist to assist you in preparing your artwork successfully. Please ensure every step stated complied in your artwork.


  • Artwork is prepared in our Product Size Template.
  • Background design expanded to Full Bleed size.
  • Vital elements are within Safe Zone.
  • No crop marks are applied.


  • Only CMYK colour mode is used in your artwork.
  • No colour tints that contain less than 10%.


  • All images are in CMYK colour mode.
  • Colour / Grayscale images resolution are set to or above 300dpi.
  • Scanned line Art/Black & White images resolution are set to or above 1200dpi.
  • Never manipulate images in vector software.
  • All background, design effects, and images has been merged and converted to a TIFF file.


  • All text in solid black or grey must fill in only black percentage (CMY=0 , K=100).


  • Total of CMYK colour ink coverage should not exceed 240% (which will occur if ink coverage exceeds 240%).


  • No fonts less than 4pts.
  • Curve / Path / Create outline all fonts.


  • No lines less than 0.25pts.
  • Artwork is saved in required file format : Adobe acrobat Document 4 – Ver 1.3 (*.pdf).
  • Resolution : 300dpi.
  • Colour Mode : CMYK colour mode.
  • Total File Size (front and back design) : Smaller than 20 MB.


  • All pages are placed in the correct sequence you want them to be.
  • Artwork File is arrange according to our specification and published to a PDF file.
  • Other than hyphen (-) and underscore(_), your filename does not include any other marks or symbols.
  • No overprint setting is used


  • For full details of how to prepare your artwork for finishing such as Spot UV and Hot Stamping kindly refer to the General Guidelines at our website.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Reject or refund claims pertaining to any dissatisfaction in printing quality caused by incomplete process mentioned above will not be entertained. 
  2. We will not held any responsibility for any misplacement , blurry picture/images , misspellings/ typo errors in customer’s artwork. 
  3. By submit your order and artwork files, you agree to these terms and conditions.
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